Our Story

M.R. Longhorns is a woman owned and operated seed stock cattle operation. We raise and sell TLBAA and ITLA registered Texas Longhorns. The operation is based 5 miles south of Mulvane Kansas on 10 acres where we practice rotational grazing on cross fenced pastures to keep our pastures healthy. In the spring and summer, we utilize around 32 acres of leased pasture ground. We use AI to continue to improve and jump our genetics forward by using the best bulls in the industry. Our goal is to raise cattle that fit any operation. They are colorful, grow industry standard horn, are conformationally sound, and have great dispositions.

M.R. Longhorns is owned and operated by myself, Morgan Dixson. I have always had a passion for livestock. My love of livestock started at 5 years old when I started riding and learning to care for horses. By the age of 8, I was spending all of my summers working on a horse facility owned and operated by a woman in Udall, Kansas. This is where I learned hard work, dedication, and how to work hard towards accomplishing my goals. My favorite event while competing horseback was ranch cutting, where horse and rider had to work as a team to sort cattle out of a group and move them into a pen. This event is what led to my love of cattle. In 2014 my cattle ownership journey started when I learned that we have family located in Douglas, Kansas who raise a herd of Texas Longhorn and work them horseback twice a year. I trained a horse for them in trade for a weanling heifer. I was 16 at the time and drawn to the cattle and their history tied with America. In 2019, I officially started my business. By then my herd had grown to a total of 10 head from the one weanling I started with in 2014. A large portion of my herd at that point were grade cattle. In the fall of 2019, I revamped my business plan and decided to sell my current animals to purchase top of the industry genetics for my current seed stock operation. I have been growing my operation with the guidance and help of family, friends, and mentors. My goal was, and is still, to produce high-quality cattle worth marketing to represent who I am as a breeder and bring a strong sense of quality to my brand. Please, if you see anything you like not listed for sale, reach out to me and we can discuss a price! I love to talk about all things longhorn so feel free to stop in for a visit to see cattle and talk if you're in the area!

Our Purpose

Our goal is to produce high-quality and complete-package animals so that our customers will be satisfied owning them for many years in the future.

We aim to produce cattle that are appealing to the eye, easy to work and be around, as well as being great mothers. We are proud to own our foundation females and hope to pass that feeling on to customers by pairing them with the best bulls in the industry, and sharing a piece of them with you!